We are thrilled about the launch of our new website and e-commerce component. This is a new beginning for the Cynthia Steffe Label. Currently, the Cynthia Steffe Brand is positioned to accelerate to new levels. We are launching our new marketing campaign and thrilled with the direction in which we are taking this brand.

Our customers have responded enthusiastically to the collections this  past year, and as a result seen a  great growth spurt. We have learned who the Cynthia Steffe Woman is and where she is going. She is ageless, with great taste and a style of her own – she has a sense of humor and a joie de vivre.    She is the  uptown Park Avenue girl who is lady like and fun, with complete sophistication done with such ease. She is non fussy but uses a bit more structure in her dressing. She has  A downtown Soho chic to her as well, with  edge, mischievousness and glamour all wrapped up in one. She has great shoes – luscious lipstick and gets dressed in a split second. Always looking best of best! She is the girl on the go – to work, lunch, dinner, events, parties,  power meetings, school, airport or a cab – out the door!

If your are that girl Let us know who you are – send in your pictures where you are going in your Cynthia Steffe Dress. We are putting together a bulletin board of all of our favorites pics! CYNTHIA STEFFE’s FAVORITES


Each week our team from Design to Sales will blog about what is happening in our market – the fashion trends – the do’s and don’ts. We will post pictures and instagram on our photo shoots so you can be part of this with us.  We will blog about our  trips on where we are going to visit stores and Suwha’s (our designer) inspirations which have come from past and present design icons and everyday girls on the go – our girl. We will interview our retailers from Neiman Marcus, CUSP, Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Amazon to Balliet’s (most beautiful boutique in Oklahoma City) and let you know what  is trending in their stores. Follow us on twitter, instagram, face book, and all those  good places. But always come back to this place – which is our home – to the newest and latest and watch our Cynthia Steffe girl grow!

traceyTracey Keay Powell / Vice President Cynthia Steffe