Here at Cynthia Steffe, we’re all about girl power, and after seeing Saturday’s Mrs. Carter show at the Barclay’s in Brooklyn, we’re even more convinced that WE run the world.  Beyonce’s 10+? (I lost count..) wardrobe changes and fiercely dressed fans inspired us to make a strong statement with August’s Calla Dress.  We love it’s subtle strong shoulder and it’s dangerously sexy embellishment.  It adds an edge to your little black dress.  Wear it with fabulously tall lace up pumps and more than one crystal cuff.  Put all your “girl” things in a sparkling clutch, and who knows where the night will take you?  Let me hear you sayà All the Single Ladies!!  So if you’re looking to look (7) fabulous like a (6) Queen B, order the (5) Calla dress before it 4, 3, 2…   Oh, Calla Dress.. you got me lookin so crazy right now!

Lucy Butler / Assistant Designer