On Thursday July 25, 2013, the Cynthia Steffe girls transformed from office chic to black tie ready in preparation for the anticipated Artist & Agency Launch Party. Artist & Agency is a New York based boutique agency representing talented photographers and directors from around the world. Cynthia Steffe was flattered to be in attendance at this lavish event held at Le Baron in New York City’s Chinatown.

Bulletin Board 2

Heather, Taylor and Samantha from the Cynthia Steffe team were smiling from ear to ear in all of the fabulous photos from the event. From left to right – Heather is pictured in the Trixie dress from our Fall 2013 collection, Taylor is pictured in the Kennedy dress from our Spring 2013 collection, and Samantha is pictured in the Melinda dress from our upcoming Holiday 2013 collection.


At the event there was an auction being held for the art that was decorating the walls as well as a beautiful performance by Kate Nauta, an American Fashion Model, actress & singer from NYC. Kate’s spectacular work can be found at everythingkatenauta.com. Kate couldn’t get enough of our Cynthia Steffe dresses and we plan to add some Cynthia Steffe to her wardrobe Along with great entertainment the event was sponsored by an up and coming Champagne label, Magnifico Giornata. We couldn’t get enough of the amazing different flavors – Ginger Peche, Lavender Honey & Grapefruit Blanc.

The Cynthia Steffe girls had a fabulous time at the Artist & Agency Event! We can’t wait to share more fun photos with all of you from our next events!

Samantha Shlopak / Website Account Executive