One of the most rewarding things about being a designer is when you see someone wear your designs!  And with being an instagram addict I often search #cynthiasteffe and see how our customers style their CS dresses.  One customer definitely stood out with great style.  Her name is Dion Lim and she’s an evening TV news anchor and reporter for a station in Charlotte, NC (Follow Dion behind the scenes- She told us a little bit about how she styles and why she loves our dresses!

Me: What’s your favorite thing about our dresses?

Dion:  As a woman with a smaller build, it’s difficult to find dresses that are tailored enough and flattering to accentuate curves, but still give you some room to wiggle around, and eat dinner!  The quality of fabrics is huge for me.  On TV, you can tell when a dress is poorly made.  The seams bunch up, and the fabric doesn’t lay smoothly. Cynthia Steffe dresses feature the best of both worlds: a reasonable price point and high quality details.   Instead of a plain old shift dress, Cynthia designs will feature a little detail that’s special, and unique.

Me: How do you style your CS dresses?

Dion: With dresses like the Parker, very little jewelry is needed.  The garment should shine on its own, so I pair a simple gold drop earrings, with a small pendant.   It’s all about the shoes too.  For work, a nude or black patent pump…but for special occasions, I’ve taken the same dress, added larger, sparklier earrings and sky-high platform heels and given it more pizazz!

Soooo… How do YOU wear your CS dresses?  Hastag #Cynthiasteffe on instagram and tell us your story 

Esther Lee / Associate Designer