Here at Cynthia Steffe, everyone works very hard – especially their design intern, Lauren ;)   Even on her vacation in Colombia, look at how hard she worked…

The Cynthia Steffe intern is always reading up on the most current trends.

Here, she shows how the beautiful Sydney dress fits perfectly into Colombia’s tropical setting. As she walks to the pool she thinks about all the ways she can find inspiration for the next season.


At the pool the Cynthia Steffe intern finds some eye candy.  But this DOES NOT distract her from research.  She finds the color of his tropical blue swim trunks, as well as the modern architecture behind him very inspiring.


Lauren must say goodbye to Colombia for now, but takes many ideas back to New York with her.  Look out for some of these themes in the next Spring and Summer Cynthia Steffe collections!



Lauren / Design Intern